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Neo Monohand 1Z White Red Gold

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Time flies! In a world that does not cease to move forward, the Single-Hand can be a solution to help us to slow down the impression of perpetual motion, action, lost time and passing time! In fact, the Single-Hand has the immense advantage of being a timepiece that does not imprison the seconds and which only very moderately constrains the minutes… Only a general and imprecise timescale is offered which gives every glance of the watch a sense of suspension and grace in a day which is constantly accelerating! Furthermore, with the MeisterSinger, Timefy offers you THE reference of single-handed watches. A brand known and appreciated by passionate enthusiasts of such objects… Manfred Brassler, founder and designer of the brand MeisterSinger wanted to design refined mechanical watches, devoid of any unnecessary complications and elements overloading the dials. The Neo collection is a homecoming of watchmaking from the middle of the last century particularly marked by 50s architectural design codes. When we delve into the details of the products, the minimalist simplicity is obvious: a single thin hand in a slim casing of 36mm (diameter) in brushed steel covered with a treated anti-scratch Plexiglas dome. The “vintage” dial gives the watch its classic character, the absence of a bezel gives the feeling of a larger diameter and strengthens the simplicity of the piece. The time of this single-hand watch is read using a dial of 144 segments of 5 minutes. The date window is discrete and situated at 6 o’clock. The strap in crocodile style leather is fixed to the discrete horns. A harmonious piece which contributes in giving this watch a marvelous sense of calm and fullness! In this hectic world, it seems that there is no “pause” button. The Neo collection by MeisterSinger reminds us of calmer moments, when life was more simple. And it feels great!
Einstein was wrong. Speed isn\'t the only thing that can change time. Now there\'s a watch that can, too. The single-hand watch by MeisterSinger - a watch that refers to the first days of timekeeping: The Ur-Uhr. Its single hand shows you the time without pointing to how it flies. And the effect it has on your perception of time will surprise you once you own a MeisterSinger.\r\nSpecifications:Model N° 01Movement ETA 2801-2Case sizes  36 mmSteel case Solid backWaterresistance 5 barPower reserve 38hCrystal Sapphire crystal

Since 10 years ago, MeisterSinger and his designer of watches Manfred Brassler have always try to design mechanical and clean watches, without complexities

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3 Review(s)

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Hello Gianluca,

Indeed we made a mistake, thank you for your comment !
The only size available for this watch is 36 mm.
We apologize again for the error and we hope the rectification will help you for your purchase decision ;)


Your comment system stripped a couple of lines, I was referring to these two lines in theSpecifications:

Case sizes 43 / 38 mm
Crystal Sapphire crystal


What does it mean in the watch description

Then in more info, the pr text states 36mm, acrylic crystal ?

Maybe is just me, but I feel the description is really unclear to make a purchase decision.

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Neo Monohand 1Z White Red Gold

Neo Monohand 1Z White Red Gold