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Timefy loyalty program

Get points and get discount codes

Timefy points are part of our loyalty program. Each time you order, you win points. You cumulate this points and can transform them in a discount coupon at any time. Which coupon you can use on your next order. All is explained on your Timefy account in the area Manage your points.

There are also another ways to get more points and to get a personal discount code, you can do this by helping us making Timefy more known. In order to thank you, each time an order is made from one of the links you have created, you will win points, that simple.

How to win more points ? Some links that make you win more points.
Timefy.com has got his own affiliate program. When you create an account on Timefy.com, you get a personal ID that will allow you to create links that will make you gain points each time an order is done from this link. These links can be shared on Facebook, twitter, on your blog, by mail or any way you think good. Ir can be automatic in many cases if you're logged in. Discover more infos on this affiliate program in you personal account on Timefy.com

How do i follow the points i've won ?
Within your personal account on Timefy.com, you can manage your points, you have a special menu for it. All the information about your points is indicated.